Jabra Xpress

Jabra Xpress is an online service designed for IT professionals to remotely mass deploy and manage Jabra USB audio devices in record time.

With a set of smart tools, Jabra Xpress ensures:

  • Easy mass deployment
  • Smart asset management
  • Agile maintenance

Jabra Xpress is available on Windows and Linux.

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Simplify IT management tasks and accelerate UC adoption. Choose from two deployment options based on standard Microsoft technology:

  • Jabra MSI File – classic deployment process to end-user PCs to save time
  • Jabra ZIP archive – local server deployment option for extra flexibility

"Jabra’s mass deployment tool simplified the migration to headsets and saved our IT department a significant amount of time."

Remko van Ineveld
Loyens & Loeff


Take control of Jabra audio devices and gain in efficiency.

  • Jabra WMI Provider tool – a tool for full visibility of all Jabra devices
  • Jabra Audio Device Dashboard – for comprehensive status reports and better planning


Jabra Audio Device Dashboard is a combination of a client and a server application installed on the local corporate site to populate comprehensive status reports including: device overview, firmware status and warranty check. You can:

  • Check Jabra devices’ adoption rate
  • Check Jabra devices’ firmware versions
  • Check whether a device is within warranty
  • Export data for further processing
  • Search for specific devices
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Enhance user satisfaction and productivity and maximise headset ROI with:

  • Jabra Device Updater to update firmware and configure Jabra devices
  • Future-proof devices inventory with free updates

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